Thursday, September 30, 2010

4 Years

OK .. I know this isn't the best Picture, but its the only one on this computer that I have..
It Has been 4 years since I married my best friend!!! I cant believe how far we've come and what amazing moments we have shared together. I am so grateful for such a loving husband in my life who is so supportive of anything I do. He is such a good daddy and is an amazing example to our little boy. I'm so happy with life right now and am excited for what the future holds.. I love you sweetie!!!!

Summer Lovin'

Lots to Blog about.. Our summer has been filled with so much fun and excitement!!!
To start the summer off, June 5th My little brother came home from his mission. He served in the Mexico, Leon mission and we were all soo excited for him to come home.. Its hard when your only brother is gone.. He had 5 sisters to come home to, and and niece and nephew that were born while he was out..

Conner trying to figure out what was going on and who this Giant was holding him.
The kids made a cute sign and were so excited for him to come home.. They were counting down the days until Uncle Jason came home..

Uncle Jason and all the grandkids...

We played lots this summer.. We had lots of cousin time!!! The kids love getting together and playing with their cousins... (most of the time)

Conner getting his exercising in!!!!! he is so funny and learns so many new things a day.. Still amazes me at what little kids pick up.. He watches mommy and nanna do this a lot..
He is already a pro at it!!!

Story time... Conner has been soooo obsessed with books lately..
He could just sit and look at them for hours.. He just jibber jabbers his own words to the stories.. It is so Cute..

Eating snacks... Conner looks so big in this picture.. I cant believe this little guy will be 2 in less then 2 weeks... I cant believe the time has gone by so fast. I swear just yesterday he was in preemie diapers and so tiny!!!

Conner has gotten a lot of playing time in with Uncle Jason.. Conner says his name so cute, and is always sooooo excited when Jason is over nanna's house:)

Conner loves Uncle Jason to put him on his shoulders and to throw him in the air..
He cant get enough of it!!!

Every time my sister Karen and her son Brody come up, we usually make something.. This time we made Sugar cookies.. The boys were so cute on wanting to help with everything.. Brody loves to help put all the ingredients in and loves to stir. Conner is still getting the hang of stirring.. They especially love to taste to make sure its good.

Brody stirring with a little help from Grandma.

Conner having a taste.. I think he likes it..

Frosting and decorating time.. I think Conner used 4 bottles of sprinkles.. (literally) I think he is a bit obsessed with them. They had a lot of fun loading up the frosting and sprinkles.

Conner with the sprinkles.. :)

Conner eating his masterpiece!!!!

Play dough time with Grandpa.. Conner loves play dough and is always making fun things.. he likes to roll the play dough into snakes!!! They were pretending the were in a restaurant and making food.. It was so cute.

While my sister was up, she watched Conner on Friday while I was at work. My dad and sisters took the boys to the Copper mine.. they had a lot of fun!!

My Parents were so kind to take Conner to lagoon for my moms work Lagoon day.
I wasn't feeling well that day and AJ had to work! My parents are so sweet for taking him to Lagoon for a few hours.

Conner had a blast on all the rides..

Conner and Aydrian.. These 2 are only 2 1/2 months apart.. They are such good little buddies.

Conner just being cute.. Still in his un-matched jammies..

We had lots of BBQ's this summer... Conner loves corn and like to eat it like a big boy!

I think he was getting sick of me taking so many pictures of him.. :) I just couldnt help it though
Lots of swimming at Nanna's!!! The kids loved this little swimming pool:)

We went to herriman days.. these pics are a bit out of order.
this is at the end when we were watching fire works..
Kristin and KayLee!!

Nanna and Conner..

AJ and I.. It was nice to watch fire works together..

This is at Herriman days.. KayLee got a little tatoo on her cheek and conner got one on his arm..

Conner after eating a sucker..

Conner won a little Nemo fish.. I think he wanted the bigger toy!!
The little duckie pond with daddy...
Daddy and Conner... Conner loves his daddy!!!!

We spent some time up at our family cabin when Jason came home.. It was so much fun to get away and have time with him to tell us all about his fun expiriences..
Us kids playing an intense game or Lucky Low...

Conner being a goof ball... playing with Mr. Potatoe heads..

The Grand kids on the deck swinging.. they are all so cute together.

We also went up in the mountains to celebrate my sisters Birthday..
the kids had a blast in the dirt!!1

What a doll!!!!

he is such a cheeser!

The girls and Conner.. Brody was upset and didnt want to be in the picture..

Conner and brody with their Pizzas..

Waiting patiently for the Pizzas to be done..

Conner loves Brodys cowboy boots...

This is conner at the Fair.. He loved seeing all the animals.. this little guy I think wanted to eat conners stroller!! :)
Looking at the birdies...

This is at the Sea Lion show.. conner had to stand on the fence and watch the sea lions until the show started..

These little sea lions were so cute and so amazing.

All of us together at the Fair!!! we had such a good time and I cant wait to go again next year...