Friday, November 21, 2008


Well i thought I would tell you of the birth of our new edition to our family before I forget. I know you say you say you never will, but you do. It was Monday the 13th of October and AJ was at work. I had him drop me off that morning being we only had one car, i though i would be fine. Well I was at work and just thinking that i should go in. i kept ignoring it knowing we had a meeting with a travel agency for our new system.. I kept telling the ladies i work with that i thought i was in labor. They kept saying "Just go in" I didn't want AJ to have to come all the way back and get me because his work was right by the hospital. The travel agency was right next to the hospital as well and thats were we were headed.. My boss and best friend (whom I work with) offered to drop me off at the hospital on their way to the agency. We all hoped in the car and i can still remember thinking "I really hope this is it or I am going to look like an idiot" Also thinking "I might have my baby today" That send chills down my arms. i didn't want to get my hopes up but i was so excited.
I called AJ and told him I was on my to the hospital. He left work early and rushed up to meet me there. We checked in and got all settled in our room. The nurse came in and checked to see if I was dilated. I was only at a 1 but i was having contractions, so they thought they would just watch me for a while. We arrived at about 10:30 am and hours passed by. I was so uncomfortable and just wanted them to admit me. Finally about 5 hours later the nurse came in saying they were going to send me home. I was so upset, but almost at the same time happy because I didn't even have anything packed yet. She left to get the discharge papers. Well next thing we know, The doctor on call came in and said that since I had to have a c-section, and that i am high risk from my last pregnancy we were either going to do the c-section or inject a needle in my belly to get fluid from the lungs to see how well the baby's lung were. They both sounded scary but worth it. She left to call my doc and let him know i was in labor. She came back and told me he had worked all the night before so he was not feeling awake enough to deliver the baby. They scheduled to c-section to be for 7 pm. Wow that took forever to get here. We waited and waited. i couldn't believe i was going to get to hold my new baby.. Still not knowing what the sex was. AJ and i couldn't wait. We called everyone and told them the news.. Lots of family came up to wait for the arrival of our little baby. 7 o clock finally came and they were getting me ready for surgery.. i walked down to the surgery room and wow.. All the doctors were so excited that nobody knew what the baby was and they were so excited to be able to shout out what it was.
i didn't take long until they got to the baby. The first thing that i remember hearing was "I see hair!" All the sudden the doctor shouted out "ITS A BOY" I looked up at AJ with just the biggest smile ever. I was so happy and I couldn't wait to see him. He weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long. Boy did he have a set of lungs.. AJ brought him over to me and wow he was beautiful. i just stared at him thinking how amazing life was. They got me all stitched up and handed me Conner. So many feeling ran through my body the first time i held my little baby boy. They wheeled me into recovery with him and AJ.. All the family came in and it was so fun telling them all that is was a boy.. Was such a great day and so many beautiful memories and feelings i will never forget.