Friday, May 21, 2010

Grandma Whittle's 80th

~AJ , Grandma, Megan, and Conner~
Dont you love her balloon hat!!!
My Grandma Whittle turned 80 on the 17th of May. My dad thought it would be fun to throw a surprise birthday party for her. She lives in Ferron, UT, which is about 2 1/2 hours from SL. We all met a a big park and had a huge barbecue. My Aunt lives with her and told her she was taking her to lunch. Instead she drove my grandma to the park. She was so surprised to see all of us there with all the decorations for her birthday. It was alot of fun and my Grandma was so grateful. I cant believe my grandma is 80! she has the energy of a 60 year old and you would never think she was 80!!! I love my grandma so much, and it was so fun to see her!!!
~Conner and Aydrian on the horsie~
After the party we went over to my sisters' in~laws. They have horses and the kids Loved riding them.. Conner kept calling them Puppies.. he is so funny.. He LOVES puppies.. so lots of animals are "puppies"
~Daddy and Conner~
I love this picture.. it is so cute of the two of them.. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm In LOVE~

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I love this kid.. he is such a stud! I am so grateful he is mine. he has taught me so much, and I don't know what I would do without this little guy!! He is growing up so much and amazes me everyday at things he learns and does. I love you Conner Bug!

Trouble Maker

This is how I found Conner one day.. He has learned how to twist open my mascara and has watched me get ready all to much . He LOVES playing in mommy's makeup.

We've been working out!!

Conner loves when daddy lets him use his pull up bar.. He is actually really good at it and can hang there for quite some time.

Hold on Conner!!!!

Look what I can do!

Conner is a little climber.. he climbs on EVERYTHING! I feel like
I cant take my eyes off this kid for a second without his getting into something or climbing on something. The other day when he was home with daddy, he climbed on the kitchen table. he thinks he is pretty clever when he does this.. He will think it is pretty clever until he takes a fall and cracks his head.. :)

All tuckered out......

This is Conner the other day. He hadn't taken a nap and was so tired at dinner that he fell asleep . How sweet is he..

We LOVE walks..

Conner is OBSESSED with walks. whenever he is crying or in a bad mood, if you put Conner in the stroller he will calm right down. He loves walks and LOVES to be outside. He would live outside if I let him. We have tried making this a daily thing now that is is starting to get a little warmer. Although you think since it is MAY it would be a lot nicer, but we still have to take it day by day.. We Love our walks

Conners Uncle Brian

This is Conner's Uncle Brian. When Conner was born, Brian was serving a mission in Ft. Lauderdale. Brian got home in January so I know this post is a little late but Conner just adores his Uncle Brian. Brian is SO good with kids and is a little kid at heart:)

Brian was over the other day and Conner loves story's. He just kept bringing books over for Brian to read to him. This picture is so cute to me. I love Brian so much and am so glad he is home now:)

This is typical Brian. TOTAL KID AT HEART!! Man I love these boys!!!

I am so glad we are so close with Brian. We love when he comes over and spends time with us. I look up to him so much and he is such a good example to us.
Love you Uncle Bri~