Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Summer

We have definitely stayed busy this Summer. Between boating trips, Camping trips, Lagoon, the Zoo, the swimming pool etc we have really had a blast! Here is just a picture for you to look at (we just had fam pics done) ... Its going to take me a bit to get all my pictures organized from our busy summer.. I am hoping sometime this week I will get all of them up.
stay tuned. .......

Friday, March 25, 2011

BRoTheRLy LoVe

Arent these kids just the cutest... Conner is such a good BIG Brother. He is getting to the point where he is more of a help then a hinder now and I just love watching him with Parker.
He will run up to him when he is crying and give him a big kiss on his head and say "its ok Parkie!"
Some of the cute things he does- Whenever someone comes over to visit and wants to hold Parker he will tell them they need to put santa-tizer on. He is very protective of his little brother and when other kids are around he will make it VERY clear that Parker is HIS brother..
He will always let me know when I need to feed Parker, and runs to get diapers when he needs to be changed. He will also throw all the dirty ones away for me. He loves to help with everything and it is so nice to have a little helper around the house..

It is so much fun to watch the interaction between these two. Parker will give Conner the biggest smiles and it is Priceless to watch. I am so glad they are close together and will grow up being best friends.. I am enjoying being a mom of 2 more and more. Being a mom is one of the most special things to expirience and I wouldnt trade it for anything. It definetly has its moments when you dont think you will make it through the day, but you always do and it is soooo worth it.. I love my little family more then anything in this world!!

I think Paker was over all the kisses for a little while... :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthdayn AJ!!!!

AJ's Birthday was the 26th of February. I planned a suprise birthday party for him. My parents took the boys for the night so we could have some time together.

This is the awesome Jazz cake me and my sister spent 5 hours making for him.. It was alot of fun, but so much work. we layered the cake by all the Jazz colors. It was awesome.

It was soo much fun to have a night away from the kids. Im missed them so much but AJ and I had a really good time with friends and not having to worry about the kids..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Mama

This is Parkers one month picture with the bear.. I did this with conner and it is so fun to look back at pictures and see how much they have grown. Parker is such a fun baby and I am enjoying every minute of him.. I has been a rough couple weeks. We found out Parker has a reaction to dairy products so I am currently on a non-dairy diet. can I just tell you that it is one of the hardest things I have done. You dont realize that EVERYTHING has some kind of dairy product in it. It has made my shopping trips twice as long because I have to read EVERY label so see whats in it....I can say though that it is totally worth having a happy baby then a gassy, fussy baby with rashes... I would do anything for my kids.. on the upside of it, I am dropping the LBS!!! Wahoo for me!
These little boys have kept me one busy mama... it is so much fun though and I wouldnt trade it for anything. I go back to work in 2 weeks and I have been soaking up all the loves and snuggles I get throughout the day. I am really dreading going back to work. It is the hardest thing trusting someone else to love your kids as much as you do. Hopefully soon I will get to be a stay at home mom. My boys definetly mean the world to me and I would much rather live on less and get by without the shopping trips and salon apts and be able to stay home with my boys.. I just cant believe it has already been almost 10 weeks since I had my little Parkie.. Time definetly goes by way too fast.

Here is conner helping mommy make brownies. He loves doing things with just mommy. he likes the one on one attention that he doesnt always get anymore. I love when me and conner can just hang out and play while brother is asleep.

Its so funny how you dont realize how much your kid has grown up until you have another one and see a picture like this. The size diffrence amazes me. I just cant believe Conner is a little boy now. Hes not my little baby conner anymore. He loves his baby Parkie so much. It is so much fun being a mom of boys. I just love it so much.....

This is the boys on Valentines day while daddy was out flying.
Conner is so good with Parker and every time he holds him he says "Cheeeeese mom, take a picture" he is always there to throw away diapers and run and get mommy wipes and diapers. he is such a good helper and loves when mommy gives him money for his piggy bank when he does good things. I wouldnt trade my life for anything.. AJ and I are loving our little boys.. they are so much fun!!! hopefully it wont take me as long to post again. we will see though.. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Its a BOY!

Parker Andrew Bird
Born January 12, 2011
weighing in at 5 lbs 13 oz
and 18 inches long
Birth story-
We had a planned C section for the 12th of January. I was a little bummed it couldnt be the 11th since I thought it would be cool for a 1/11/11 birthday, but they were already over scheduled for that day. Im not going to lie, it was really weird knowing what day would be my babies birthday.
AJ and I arrived to the hospital at 8am on the morning of the 12. They got us in our room and got me hooked up to all the monitors. I was really anxious as I always get. They told us they were running a little late with the C section before me so it would be a little longer. All the nurses thought it was so cool that we didnt know what we were having. I was almost guaranteed it was a girl and I let everyone know that. Things were moving along and it was time to go to the OR. The plan was to have my cerclauge taken out after my spinal tap so that I would be numb and not feel it this time. which was ok with me!!! They got my spinal tap done and almost instantly I was numb. It took them forever to get my cerclauge out and finally they started the c section. I was so anxious to see what this little baby was going to be. It felt like forever until they said, "we see the baby, little blondie" All the sudden I heard crying and AJ looked down at me and told me it was a boy. Then all the doctors yelled out "its a boy" I was so shocked, but so happy that I had another little baby boy.. AJ went over with the nurses to get him all cleaned up. I couldnt believe how small he was. when the said how much he weighed I was so nervous that he would have to go to the NICU. The NICU nurses did a full exam on him and said he looked amazing. It was such a relief to know he was fine and didnt need to go there. That was my worry the whole time. AJ finally brought him over to me all wrapped up and I just couldnt help but just tear up and smile. I couldnt stop smiling. He was perfect in every way and I was so happy he made it here healthy and perfect. After they got me all sewed up we were taken to the recovery room. My
Parents showed up soon after with Conner. He was asleep in the stroller. We were finally taken to our room we would be staying in. Conner finally woke up and looked over at me and saw the baby. He instantly got up and came over. AJ lifted him up to see his new baby brother. I think he instally loved him. Whenever anybody wanted to hold him he would say "My Parker" it was so cute. I love my little family and am so happy to see what the future holds for us.
Parker is now a month old and I cant believe how much longer he is staying awake. He is starting to smile more and is just such a fun baby. Conner loves to help with his little baby brother (most days) I love my boys...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Conner is 2!

What a Stud.. I just had to post this picture really quick because he is the cutest kid ever. I still cant believe he is a 2 year old now. Feels like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. It amazes me how quick they grow up and how many new things they learn every day. We love Conner so much and he is such an amazing little boy. I couldn't imagine my life without him in it.

Well Overdue!!!

There have been a lot of things going on at our house since i last posted..
-Had new family pictures done
-We celebrated Conner's 2nd Birthday
-Have been getting Ready for baby #2 to arrive in about a month
-Celebrated McKenna's 4th Birthday
-Family Christmas Parties
-Lots of Christmas Shopping

I really am hoping I will soon be able to put pictures up of all this because I have dang cute pictures.. We have been so busy this holiday season and I still have a few presents to buy and it is the day before Christmas Eve.. I made a goal not to do this to myself but looks like I did. We have really been blessed this year and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family.
I couldn't imagine life without them!!!

Pictures to come!!!!