Monday, October 26, 2009

The big Birthday Parties......

We celebrated conner's birthday that weekend.
Conner got sooo many toys. From little People sets to blocks.
He also got a big ball pit from my sisters.
I love the 200 balls that are scattered around my house everyday.
KayLee had a good time helping him open all his presents.

It is all worth it though . He loves all his toys.
My family came to see the football game. :)

My sister Heather is so amazing at making cakes. She makes
them for everyone's birthdays. She made Conner
this CUTE Elmo cake. It turned out so good!

He Loved it.

And was Definitely Covered in it.

We had two birthday parties. This is the birthday party
with AJ's side of the family.

He scored with getting so many times to dig into cakes.
He definitely entertained everyone.. :)


This is the cake we got for everyone else to eat Because we
got Conner his own cake to dig into. It was a Thomas the Train cake.
It was so cute.

Why is everyone singing?????

Conner was so good at unwrapping all of his presents.

He got them mostly all opened by himself.

Birthday Boy All Tuckered out.

What a long day!!!!!

Baby Bug...

Conner Loves Sadie. When she is outside he will walk over to the
door and look out the window at her.

He is getting so big..

Mom.. get me out of here....


Conner Loves the stairs. It drives me crazy.
He can go up them so good, but
when I comes to coming back down
he doesn't know how. He is going to have
a fall one of these days.

He is so Fast at going up the stairs.

He is so stinkin cute........

Conner LOVES his Baths. He gets so excited when
I turn on the tub!

Loves his bath toys..

He Loves to splash mommy. I am soaked after
giving this little boy a bath.

Playin' in his bubble bath.

Utah Fair

We took Conner to the Utah Fair. We had alot of
fun, but as you can see Conner's Allergies
were bugging him really bad . I think it was from the
hay. That didn't stop him . He has so fun.

Conner didn't know what to think of all of the BIG animals

My Little Billy Goat!

Conner LOVED the bunnies! I think AJ would have
taken one home if I would have let him.

Whats that?

Cabin Trip

A needed trip to our cabin!
My family has a cabin up in Timberlakes.
It is so nice to get away. It is so beautiful up there.
This was Conner's first time .
Conner LOVED this Hammock.
He could have just sit in it all day if we let him.

Cooking dinner outside:)

Conner Loved being outside. so many new things
to see and explore!
Look at that face. He was one happy baby:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Soon to come!

I will be posting pictures of his Birthday party and all his toys and presents this weekend. My goal is to get caught up on all my postings this weekend.. Lets see if I can do it:) We have had lots of fun adventures to share.

Cake Pictures!

I made a little cake for Conner so I could have Brianna take a few cute pictures of him with it. When I first put the plate down he just kinda looked at it, and then looked back up at me.
I think he was thinking "Mom, are you really gonna let me do this? "

At first he just tasted a little bit. I could tell he LOVED it!
This face is PRICELESS!!!!

He would get so excited and just keep grabbing at the frosting. He would get so much frosting on his hands that he would flip his hands to get it off. By the end , the wall was covered in frosting.

He is Conner going to Town on his cake. I think he liked the frosting better then the cake.
He was a mess. I could tell at the end though he was getting bugged by all the stickiness and frosting all over him. It Definitely was time for this little boy to take a bath!

Conners Birthday Pictures

So Brianna, the girl that lives upstairs took some really good pictures of Conner.
He was being so cute. This one I really love. He looks so grown up. I just cant believe he is ALREADY one.

Conner looks so cute in this one. I love how you can see his two little bottom teeth.

This one is one of my FAVORITES! I was really surprised that he kept the hat on for the pictures. He hates hats and is Always trying to get them off him.

I would stand him up, and he would just start walking towards us. We were laughing so hard.
I think he was thinking " oh they are laughing" so he just kept doing it over and over. I took him to JC Pennys too. We got some really cute ones there.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Its been a while........

I know it has been forever since I have blogged. I have SO much to update about. From Conner's birthday to new fall pictures. I will be updating sometime tomorrow!!!