Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a smart cookie!

I have been looking back on the 16 months that Conner has been with us , and have been amazed at how fast time has gone. Some things Conner can do is
-go up AND down the stairs
-any time music comes on (even someones phone ringing) he busts out his moves
-can open out doors at home (which I am so not happy about)
-words he says are mommy, daddy, puppy, baby, papa, nana, Ba (for bath), didi (for Sadie), Abby(papa and nana's dog), ba (for ball), No, Yeah.
there are definitely more, they are just not coming to mind.
-He loves to color
-Loves to help mommy clean- sweeps, vacuums and dusts
-He likes to pull all of the Tupperware out of the drawer
-he clicks he tongue all the time.
-Gives fish kisses
The list goes on and on but I need to get this kid to bed:)
I love my Conner bug and am so happy to have him.

Its been a while

Lately Conner has had this OBSESSION for Baths. He LOVES them and just walks around the house saying"BA" non-stop. Every time we start the tub he squeals with excitement! It is the cutest thing.. This is a picture of him right after he sucked the soapy water out of the wash cloth:)
Yet again. he never listens to me when I say "No No , Yucky.."