Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Missin' My Little brothers

My little brother Jason is the tall one on the Right. He is serving in the Leon Mexico Mission. He will be home next January. How Exciting..
Brian is AJ's little brother. He is in the Ft. Lauderdale mission and will be home the end of January. We cant wait.

I cant believe its been a year!!!

so my little brother Jason has now been serving a mission in Mexico for 1 year. I guess for their one year mark, they burn a shirt with the date and the mission written on it. He is such a STUD!! I cant believe how fast time goes by. I feel like he just left. He is doing so good and has had many baptisms. I love and miss him so much and cant wait for his to meet Conner:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Phone.

So the other day My mom and I went to the AT&T store to look for a new phone for me.
I had to take Conner because AJ was at work. As we got looking at the phone, the guy in the store started playing with Conner. He kept saying how he was such a CUTE baby and commenting on how good he was being. Conner was soo good at the store that they gave him his own brand new phone. He LOVES it. Now he can have his own little pretend phone and he doesnt have to play with mine...

Monday, June 8, 2009

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Summer is here!!!!!

Conner and Sadie.
Conner and Daddy hanging out outside... We love nice weather.
I'm so Cute.
He LOVES the water.. He splashes and kicks his legs like crazy. He is a little fish..
LOVES playing in his bouncer..
Almost there. Conner is soo close to crawling. Soon he is going to be all over the place
Mommy and Conner..
Look at that face..

Memorial Day................

We had a very enjoyable Memorial Day.. It was so nice to have the day off and spend it together.We went took Conner to the cemetery. We hadn't taken him yet and decided this would be the perfect time.
Conner picked out a cute dolly for McKenna. He chewed on it throughout the whole store. He is soo Cute
Daddy and Conner.....................